Wednesday, September 24, 2008



I know I specifically said every two weeks but just letting my beloved ones know that I am on Team Thailand! Teammates in alphabetical order goes as follows: Rachel Adams, Caleb Enns, Aschley Harder, Kenzi Markling, Joshua Olsen and Jaclyn Stein (Team Leader). Not that these names mean anything right now but I will get a picture put up and prayer cards sent out ASAP.


  • Learning Thai language

  • Making friends in the community

  • Eating spicy food

  • Going into slums and teaching kids English, using the bible

  • Assisting church plants in all four locations

  • Running kids clubs

  • Participate in a cell group at the university

  • Sports camps

Monday, September 22, 2008


Well friends. This may have been the longest two weeks of my life. I will start from the beginning...

A Foreign Place

Being fashionably late on Sunday evening had its price and that was the top bunk. All of us in the strategically named "Faith" room instantly bonded and since then have been sharing our lives with one another, perhaps at the expense of others' sleep at midnight (there may have been a few bangs on the wall from our neighbours).

I instantly fell in love with the MarkCentre and the heart that was put into the building of this place. It has a warm, comforting cottage feel and there is nature all around us--despite the fact that we're in "downtown Abbotsford" (I know, I didn't think Abbotsford had a downtown either).

We clumsily drifted through the first few days of awkwardness; times where only small talk could go so far. However, there comes a point when we have to start making our own memories and inside jokes as a team and what better place to do such a thing than Whistler!


When we first got to Whistler we split up into our Small Groups and had a photo scavenger hunt. There was definitely some sneaking into the Westin Hotel and "hold ups" in a hat store. The winning team was to receive a gourmet candy apple each from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and we were number one! Okay, well the number one runner ups. If only our badmouthing didn't hype us up so much.

Whistler was also a place where we worshiped, prayed and played together and it was there that we all started to connect.


When we returned it truly felt like "coming home". That's how long a week was going by. The next couple of days were filled with sessions and we focused on hearing God's voice. Different speakers came in to prepare us for the infamous 48 hour silent retreat: two days of complete silence where we are allowed only our bible, journal and pen to satisfy our sanity.

The silent retreat was such an amazing experience for me. It actually felt like I was on a date with God, butterflies included. It was the perfect time to reflect and God showed me his heart and who he wanted in his Kingdom. God speaks through so many mediums and I've only learned a few of them: through scripture, promptings, emotions, people, problems & pains, and passions. Sometimes all we need to do is stop talking and listen (perhaps 48 hours is a little drastic).

My verse of the retreat was:
"You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of your presence and the pleasures of living with you forever" (Psalm 16:11).

Eager Much?

So since then we have been reflecting and sharing and continuing on our daily sessions. However there is a constant knot in all of our guts: On Wednesday we find out our teams and locations. I will let all of you know where I am placed and with whom. Just thinking about it gives me a surge of adrenaline--everything is coming into reality.

Without You

I want to thank everyone for their unconditional support and even though it is simply me here, he is using all of us for His glory. Without you guys, I first of all could not afford to be here, but I also would not feel as confident. Thank you.

My goal is to keep everyone updated every two weeks so hold me accountable!

Prayer Requests: unity for about-to-be-formed teams, financial support for other TREKers and peace for wherever God is taking us.

I love you all dearly.