Wednesday, September 24, 2008



I know I specifically said every two weeks but just letting my beloved ones know that I am on Team Thailand! Teammates in alphabetical order goes as follows: Rachel Adams, Caleb Enns, Aschley Harder, Kenzi Markling, Joshua Olsen and Jaclyn Stein (Team Leader). Not that these names mean anything right now but I will get a picture put up and prayer cards sent out ASAP.


  • Learning Thai language

  • Making friends in the community

  • Eating spicy food

  • Going into slums and teaching kids English, using the bible

  • Assisting church plants in all four locations

  • Running kids clubs

  • Participate in a cell group at the university

  • Sports camps


Dr. Daryl Kroeker said...


You will love Thailand and grow lots! We will be praying for you!

Pastor Daryl

VAL.VAL.VAL. said...

I LOVE YOU AND THAILAND SOUNDS AMAZING!! Get that pic up! haha I wanna see the peeps who will be sharing this experience with you!

LeahA said...

Kenzi this is little baby going off into the world :P